“I had a 20% lift in units per thousand (Mighty Wings) when using Velocity Signs compared to my other restaurants without their sign waving machines. Then in the sustaining period we kept 50% of the lift compared to 30% or less in the other restaurants. I couldn’t be happier with the results and immediately purchased additional sign waving machines from Velocity Signs.”

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Neal (Owner and National Advertising Board Member, McDonald’s)


“In the first month (June) of using Velocity Signs, my sales were up by 10% and the market was down. This is the most cost effective and results driven advertising we have done. I have recommended Velocity Signs to other Subway franchise owners. “

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Farhad (Owner, Subway)


“We had an immediate increase in sales the first weekend we started using Velocity Signs with LED Lights. We sold 8 more cars than the previous weekend (22% increase) and our sales have been up since.”

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Scott (General Sales Manager, Chevrolet)


“I deal with thousands of vendors and Velocity Signs has been one of the easier and professional transactions I’ve done. It’s been a great product, it’s reliable, it’s increasing traffic which in turn is allowing me to sell more cars.”

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Rod (General Manager, Ford)


“We are using Velocity Signs to help with marketing for our business (150,000 Daily Impressions), we are selling them, and now we are renting them. We’re profiting from the sales, rentals, and the signs that we’re making for Velocity Signs.”

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Robby (Owner, FASTSIGNS)


“We are in a small space amongst many other businesses in our shopping center. Not only have I seen a significant increase in sales since we purchased our Velocity Signs, but people tell us that the only reason they knew we were here was because of our Mr. Pickles costume on our Velocity Signs Mannequin.”

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Josh (Owner, Mr. Pickles)


“We had an immediate increase in rentals the day we started using Velocity Signs with 4 new tenants in 4 days. Velocity Signs paid for itself in our first two days of using it.”

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David (Property Manager, Stonebrook Apartments)


Business Owners

Watch a short video of how Velocity Signs are helping local businesses increase sales!

Since we purchased the Velocity Signs, customers come in with positive comments immediately engaging our sales people in conversation with them.

Our store is tucked away in the back of an outdoor shopping mall and away from the main road. Velocity Signs has given us exposure in a high traffic area, letting our customers know where they can find us.

We recently purchased Velocity Signs and it paid for itself after our first sale. We held the same sale one year ago and our sales were up 125% year to year. Our only variable was the addition of our new Velocity Signs.

I can’t believe how effective Velocity Signs has been for us and how easy it is to use. Our store traffic has increased by 140% and our sales by 120%. All we have to do is wheel it in and out of our store, lock it up, and plug it in to charge over night.

Velocity Signs has been the single most effective advertising tool we’ve used…ahead of our radio, direct mail, and cable television campaigns.

We were hiring human sign spinners to stand in front of our business and wave a sign around in an effort to bring in new customers. Now that we have Velocity Signs, we don’t have to worry about them not showing up, calling in sick, taking breaks, or injuries. Our sign is now visible all day long and we’re saving money.


If it weren’t for Velocity Signs, we would have never found your business in the dark.

We were considering buying a new bed and when we saw that your business was offering $200 off the mattress we wanted, we couldn’t resist stopping by to pick one up. We’ve never slept better!

We wouldn’t have known about how happy your “Happy Hour” was until we were driving by and saw your Velocity Signs out front of your restaurant.

We didn’t even know your business was there until we were walking by and saw your Velocity Signs.

We were so happy to learn about your grand opening when we saw your Velocity Signs. We’ve been craving for a coffee shop to open up in our area.

What a great landmark Velocity Signs was for us to find your business after calling in and asking for directions!