Subway Experience with Velocity Signs’ Sign Waving Machine

Published on: November 22, 2012


You’re driving home from a long day at work, you’re mind is unwinding, and you fail to notice the hundreds of building signs, flags, A-frames, radio messages, outdoor billboards, or other advertising that you’ve become numb to from seeing every day. Your eyes can’t help but to notice an attractive woman waving a sign around in the rain. You ask yourself, what is that poor attractive woman doing waving a sign around in the middle of winter”. WAIT…as you get closer and closer, you soon realize that she’s not real! It’s a mannequin sign waving machine that looks exactly like a human with a $5 footlong special at Subway. Impressed by the creativity and the need to satisfy your hunger, you decide to stop in to Subway to find out more about this cool invention and to get your favorite sandwich, the meatball marinara. After all…you are hungry from a long day at work!

Your conversation with the employee making your meatball marinara is not about the kind of bread you want…it’s where did you get that cool sign waving machine? You know a few of your friends that own businesses that would love one of these to help draw attention to their business and help increase sales. He tells you that their franchise owner purchased the machine from Velocity Signs “The Original Sign Waving Machine”. Interested for your friends business, you start firing off questions…

You: “How long does the machine run?”

Subway Employee: “It’s battery operated. It lasts for 2-3 days, then we plug it in and let it charge for 6 hours overnight. Once it’s done charging, it maintains the battery so we don’t have to worry about it. When we get back into the restaurant in the morning, it’s ready to go.”

You: “How do you get it in and out every night? Is it heavy?”

Subway Employee: “It’s heavy duty, but it sits on two dolly wheels and has a handle at the top making it extremely easy to move inside and outside. All we have to do is tilt it back and wheel it in and out just like you would a dolly.”

You: “Aren’t you afraid someone will steal it?”

Subway Employee: “The machine came with a 15′ cable and lock. All we have to do is wrap the cable around something secure and it’s safe. Not to mention, who wants to mess with a moving sign?”

You: “Obviously the machine works in the rain. What about snow, wind, or extreme heat?”

Subway Employee: “The machine is built similar to a car or boat. It runs on a 12 volt deep cycle marine battery and was designed to operate in extreme weather conditions…rain, snow, heat, and in the wind. Her clothes get wet, but dry when we get back into the restaurant in the morning.”

You: “Good point! Are other people coming in and asking where you got the machine?”

Subway Employee: “Yes! All the time. The market was down and this is traditionally a slow month for us, but our boss told us that his sales have been up by 10% this month since we started using the machine.”

You: “WOW! That’s a substantial increase in sales. Are the signs easy to make/change?

Subway Employee: “The signs are attached with Velcro, so it’s really easy to take them on/off the machine. If it’s windy, we add bolts with wing nuts to the signs. Also, We have two different signs with two different special offers that we rotate every week.”

You: “Did you have a human sign spinner before you purchased the machine?”

Subway Employee: “Yes, they were a lot more expensive and we had a lot of problems. They would show up late, call in sick, quit after their first day, and some of them got hurt on the job. We spent a lot of time recruiting, hiring, and training. Velocity Signs are more cost effective and more efficient than human sign spinners.”

You: “I’m convinced and going to tell my friends who own their own business about Velocity Signs! Thank you for all of the valuable information.”

Subway Employee: “No problem! Now let’s get that meatball marinara made for you!”


Velocity Signs are battery operated, portable, and durable sign waving machines that small businesses use to draw attention to their brand, special offers, events, product launches, and more. Velocity Signs increase sales by an average 15% and are a great alternative to human sign spinners. They save businesses money and the hastle of recruiting, hiring, training, workers compensation, and other work related issues. Our clients include: Chevrolet, Ford, Nissan, Subway, Anytime Fitness, Good Feet, Little Caesars, Freeway Insurance, Econo Lube N’ Tune & Brakes, Video & Audio Center, Stonebrook Apartments, and many more!

Velocity Signs are interchangeable. Businesses can add LED lights, a mannequin, and/or solar panels to any of our machines! Be even more creative by dressing up your mannequin in a uniform, mascot, costume, or put a familiar face on your signs. Velocity Signs are “The Original Sign Waving Machines” with custom designed motors and come with a 1 year warranty.

Visit or call (260) 20-SIGNS (74467) for more information.

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