Best Practices

Retail Businesses:  Daily or weekly specials with arrow shaped signs. (Example:  “10% Off Today Only”).  Also consider promoting specific products/services using co-op funding.
Food Service:  Special offers with signs in the shape of the food…sandwiches, hamburgers, taco’s, pizza, etc. (Example:  “$1 Off Any Large Combo” or “Hot and Spicey Chicken Sandwich Only 99 Cents”)
Auto Dealerships: Holiday, monthly, and yearly sales or new models or special financing options with signs in the shape of a car, truck, or SUV. (Example:  “Test Drive a New 2013 Toyota Avalon Today”)
Insurance:  Auto, home, or life insurance specials with signs in the shape of an auto, house, or person.  (Example:  ”Save $300 per year by making the switch”)
Furniture:  Living room, dining room, bedroom furniture, or brand specific sales with signs in the shape of the furniture or a house. (Example:  $300 off all dinning room tables”)
Apartment Complexes:  No deposit, 1st month free rent, free bedroom upgrade with the sign in the shape of an arrow or the apartment complex. Get creative and ask the gas station on the corner on a busy street to let you place your sign on their property.  (Example:  ”Move-In Today, No Deposit” or “Apartments Available”)
Home Builders:  New home communities and model homes. (Example:  “4 Bedroom, 3 Bath Homes Starting in the $200,000′s”)
Real Estate Agents:  Open houses or foreclosures with signs in the shape of a house. (Example: “Open House, 1234 Main Street” or “Bank Owned Forclosure”)
Events:  Event title, date, and time of event. (Example:  “Welcome to Comicon, Registration Here”
Sports Teams:  In-stadium signage, promotions, text to win, season tickets sales, signs in the shape of football/baseball/basketball. (Example:  “Reserve Your 2013 Season Tickets Here”)
Construction Zones:  Warnings and danger area’s with big yellow signs and reflector strips. (Example:  “Warning, Construction Zone” or “Street Closed” or “No Trespassing, Authorized Personnel Only”)
Brands:  New product launch or new and improved with signs in the shape of product.

Key to Success

  • Call to Action Message:  Include a message on your signs that have a call to action (Example:  10% Off Today or Buy One Get One Free).
  • Change Messages:  Keep your messages fresh by changing them daily, weekly, or monthly while comparing sales during each campaign to measure success.
  • Measure Sales:  Ask all of your customers “How did you hear about our business?”. Compare sales while using Velocity Signs to previous periods without Velocity Signs (Week to Week, Month to Month, etc). Also, compare spending habits.
  • Velocity Signs vs Other Advertising:  Compare sales while using Velocity Signs vs other advertising campaigns.  Also, determine which advertising campaign cost more to determine advertising effectiveness.  [Example:  Velocity Signs = $2,000 (Cost) = 5 New Sales = $5,000 (Increase in Sales) = $3,000 (Profit) OR Outdoor Billboard = $5,000 (Cost) = 5 New Sales = $5,000 (Increase in Sales) = $0 (Profit)]
  • Trucks and Trailers:  If there is any concern with sign ordinances or landlords, place your Velocity Signs in the back of a truck or on a trailer (available for only $299 plus $50 registration for life)

Return on Investment

Make every dollar count by tracking the performance of your marketing budget.  Below is a formula to track your return on investment.
Auto Dealership Example
Advertising Investment:  $2,000
Average Sales Per Customer (Table):  $25,000
Profit Margin:  5%
Profit Per Customer:  $500 [$25,000 x .05 = $500]
Total New Customers Needed:  4 [$2,000/$500 = 4]

Other things to consider…
Conversion (Closing) Ratio:  20%
Total Leads Needed:  20 [20 x .20 = 4]

If you spend $2,000 in advertising, how long will it take your business to bring in 4 new customers to purchase a vehicle as a result of your campaign?  One day? One week?  One Month?  Return on investment models are different for every business.  Click Here for a simple “Advertising Breakeven Calculator”.  If you’re not tracking your advertising investment, you should!  Here is another way to look at the numbers…

((Advertising Investment x Return) / Average Sale) x Conversion Rate = Leads Required

(($1000 x 3) / $2000) x 5 = 7.5 Leads

5 Key Marketing Elements

In marketing, there are 5 KEY ELEMENTS to ensure a successful campaign:

1. Target:  Speak to your core customer.
2. Message:  What you say to your prospective customer must be relevant to their needs and should include a call to action (10% off your favorite mattress).
3. Frequency:  Repeat your message until it is heard (3x).
4. Sustainable Budget:  Whatever marketing you decide on, choose the one you can afford and stay with it (consistency).
5. Deliverability:  Whatever your message is, make sure you can deliver on “the promise”…the experience must be what you said it would be.