10 Common Marketing Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Published on: June 5, 2013

10 Common Marketing Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Marketing is an essential base for any business trying to make a profit. Like any foundation without a solid platform, your marketing campaign can crumble at the touch if implemented in a poor manner. Below you will find ten common marketing mistakes and tips on how your company can avoid them. Don’t fall prey to the same blunders many have made in the past and learn from the history that has provided us with a wonderful outline of what not to do.

Mistake 10 | No Plan

First things first; when implementing an idea without a strategy, your company is wasting valuable time and money on a campaign with no outlined purpose. Many businesses make the mistake of throwing too many ideas out and believing that it will be enough to get the ball rolling. Although a brilliant idea is an important component of a campaign, it will be less than magnificent if left up to chance to succeed. Don’t bet a great concept on the notion that it will all come together in the end – set a direct plan to create a campaign that is cohesive and unstoppable.

Take Action: Plan a brainstorming session with all of the key players in your organization. Once a plan is decided on, nominate one person to finalize and distribute the plan so that no one is left wondering about the strategy.

Mistake 9 | Inconsistent Messages

Often times the idea flow at a brainstorming meeting is non-stop. Even though the room is filled with many proposals that are sure to do well, it is important that you narrow your message down to one. By picking a focus and sticking with it, you allow customers to see a fluid campaign evolve instead of confusing them by constantly changing views. If there are too many great ideas and you’re struggling to let them go, set your favorites aside for the next campaign and let your chosen emphasis blossom to its full potential.

Take Action: Make sure to consistently use the same colors, fonts, images, and message to create a cohesive marketing campaign. 10 Common Marketing Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Mistake 8 | Not Narrowing Your Target Audience

It is the goal of every company to gain as much business as it can, but marketing to an audience that is too varied can do more harm than good. Don’t try to catch everyone’s attention with your marketing campaign but instead, connect with those who will help your business to succeed. By focusing your efforts on the people who will benefit from your product or service the most, you skip over the people who wouldn’t bat an eyelid at your ad – increasing your profits in the end.

Take Action: Specify an exact target market and research their lifestyles so that you may aim your strategy at their exact needs.

Mistake 7 | Only Considering Your Own Point of View

Another difficult concept for many marketers to grasp is the fact that it isn’t their opinions that matter, but the opinions of their consumers instead. Don’t get caught up arguing about which co-worker’s idea is better, and, instead, let the public decide. By bringing in samples of your audience or creating a contest to decide the direction of your efforts, you put the power back where it belongs – in the customer’s hands.

Take Action: Encourage employees and customers to provide feedback in order to create well-balanced marketing strategies.

Mistake 6 | Forgetting To Learn From Your Past

Marketers often forget about campaigns they have used in the past, but these previous efforts can act as a crucial tool for future endeavors. Use these experiences to your advantage by considering customer feedback and by analyzing your prior performance reports and returns on investment. This research is meant solely for you to see what is and isn’t working so you can change and adapt your efforts to the customer’s wants and needs. Learn from your past by taking the time to study previous labors so that you can wow your audience in the future.

10 Common Marketing Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Take Action: Qualitatively and quantitatively track the results from your marketing efforts. Always ask your customers questions like “how did you hear about us” and keep track of answers in your customer relationship management (CRM) system or on an excel spreadsheet.

Mistake 5 | Focusing Too Much On Research And Logic

With the last point being said, it is also important not to rely too much on researched marketing techniques and statistics. Often times, the buying habits of your customers do not need to be rationalized, because people buy out of impulse and emotion rather than logic and reasoning. What people think is funny now could differ in the future as more and more humorous shows and ads are created. It is important that you move forward with a campaign that takes past efforts into consideration but is innovative enough to reach customers on an emotional level.

Take Action: Focus on the emotions you want your marketing campaign to convey and then come up with an out of the box idea that will create the desired outcome.

Mistake 4 | Lack Of A Good Customer Value Proposition

Creating a value proposition that lacks what customers truly want can be just as detrimental as creating a proposition that includes too much and confuses the audience. A good proposition effectively tells the consumer the value they will gain from the product when investing their money. Be concise and clear in your statement while telling the customers what they need to know– they will appreciate the directness and be able to make an easier purchasing decision.

Take Action: Decide what it is that you want to highlight most about your product and create a succinct statement that provides the customer with the reasons why they should want what you’re selling.

Mistake 3 | Over-Selling Your Product

While it is important to let the customer know what it is about your product that makes it so great, over selling your goods can be down right irritating. Instead of making your campaigns all about you, make sure to include helpful resources for your customers’ benefit to show that you truly do care about their well-being. Include helpful tips about an industry topic on your website or blog and use social media networks to promote ideas and items that you know your audience will love. Your product is important so make sure to gain your customers’ trust so they know they can believe in what you’re selling.

Take Action: Continuously conduct research on the new happenings in your industry and provide customers with advice on topics that surround or directly apply to your field.

Mistake 2| Being Stingy About The Budget

Everyone is looking to save money, but starving your budget is not the way to do it. Although it may be good for your pocketbook now, not investing enough in your marketing campaign can cost you customers in the future. Consumers want to see something that is creative and well executed and a competitor who invests in showcasing their product will out shine you if you don’t stand up to the plate. Don’t be stingy – it will pay out in the end.

Take Action: Think of your ideal marketing campaign before setting a budget. Although you may not be able to afford the whole picture perfect scenario, you will be less likely to cut corners since you have a clear expectation of the campaign you want to launch.

10 Common Marketing Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Mistake 1 | Not Taking Chances

Lastly, make sure you take a chance. Differentiation is a key aspect to successful marketing and thinking outside the box with your campaign is a risk that can yield a high reward. Many marketers make the mistake of playing it safe and get swept under the rug by the ads everyone is talking about. Think of an out of a creative idea and stick with it. Customers value imagination and originality so redefine your limits and go with something that screams excitement instead of safety.

Take Action: Take a chance and set your company apart from its competitors.

History doesn’t always have to repeat itself so use these tips to your advantage and avoid some of the missteps that companies have made in the past. Create a campaign you can be proud of and chances are your customers will notice.

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