Things to Consider when Purchasing a Sign Waving Machine

Without visible signs, drivers cannot see your store from the street

Every day I drive down major streets in Sacramento and notice small businesses tucked, almost invisibly, into shopping centers. I think to myself, even if these companies offer the most amazing products, services, or deals—who would ever see them? And even if their location is prime, how will anyone find them if they’re driving by at 40 mph and their store’s sign is indiscernible from the street?

If you own a small business or a franchise, you feel responsible when your store makes or loses money, so why wouldn’t you want to do everything in your power to ensure increased profits?

A visible, durable, reliable sign can make the difference between an empty store and an overcrowded one. I had become numb to all of the advertising I’m bombarded with during my drive around town…radio commercials, banners, A-frames, and even human sign spinners. That was, until sign waving machines caught my attention.

Durability and Reliability

When looking for this kind of sign, it is important to consider the materials used in its construction. Investigate the motor; some companies offer metal or plastic gears. Plastic will fall apart before you have the opportunity to get the most out of your sign. Alternatively, Velocity Signs provides custom-made motors with copper gears, which last considerably longer and work more efficiently. Additionally, they use diamond plate, industrial strength steel and welding.

Things to Consider when Purchasing a Sign Waving Machine

I have seen other machines that use a motorcycle battery that only last 8-10 hours—and to top if off, the company does not offer a warranty because they know these batteries will not last. Velocity Signs use a 12 volt absorption glass mat (AGM) non-spillable lead acid battery that lasts 45 + hours and comes with a two-year warranty!

They are the top of the line batteries that are used in police and military vehicles. Their machines have a built in, high end, pre-programmed charger with a 5 year warranty that comes with a battery life indicator so you know when to recharge your machine. You simply plug it in overnight and your machine is ready to perform all day/night long. I’ve even seen their machines at stores that are open 24 hours.

The sign machines offered at Velocity Signs, unlike the ones offered by companies that try to replicate them, can withstand high gusts of wind upwards of 25 mph. Their unique design allows you to add specialty ground anchors with a tie down strap or wind stabilizer bars for increased stability during extreme wind conditions. They are weather proof and survive extreme heat, rain, and snow—the only items that require protection are the sign spinning mannequin’s clothing, but protective rain suits are available.

Even after two years, Velocity Sign’s machines have been tested and proved to stay in great condition and continue to function like new! Also, did you know that Velocity Signs have top of the line wheels and handles making the machine incredibly easy to move around? You’ll never have to worry about a flat tire and the handle makes for simple transportation in and out of your business or to and from an event.

All of the electronics, the charger, battery, wiring system, switches, and motor are protected by metal and in a locked secure space within the machine. Also all of the machines come with a security cable and padlock to prevent theft.

Convenience and Design

Things to Consider when Purchasing a Sign Waving Machine

Many companies that have attempted to imitate the original product with cheap versions, offer limited designs, however, Velocity Signs offers five different and distinctive models that are customizable to your needs. For example, there is a standard option with a mannequin, a premium option that you can install a sign on the front and back of the machine for exposure from every angle, and you can add LED lighting and/or a mannequin. All of the premium machines are interchangeable to suit your company’s individual desires, and even come with FREE sign design to ensure your brand is represented how it should be!

Velocity Signs even offers financing for up to 5 years! With these professional looking machines that have proven to increase sales, you can guarantee you will make back the money you invest within several weeks.

Market Tested and Approved

Things to Consider when Purchasing a Sign Waving Machine

Ask any of their national clients, Subway, Little Caesars, Burger King, Papa Murphy’s, Del Taco, Ford, Chevy, Nissan, Verizon Wireless, H&R Block, AM/PM, Good Feet, Sport Clips, Anytime Fitness, and many more—they will all offer stellar reviews of Velocity Signs because the machines increase their sales by an average of 15%.

The Velocity Signs team has been using and testing these machines for over 3 years; they understand what the best features of this product are, and have a clear vision of what will be even better in the future. Velocity Signs is “The Original Sign Waving Machine” with a patent pending (13/648,084). Once this patent is approved, they will make strides in defeating any imitators of the product in order to crush the competition and continue to bring you the best sign waving machines on the market.

Because we are in the middle of our hiring process, we have had quite a while to talk about what qualities constitute the “perfect employee.” Sometimes there are just so many characteristics a person needs to exhibit, that it becomes impossible to hire a human that satisfies all of a manager’s rigorous standards.

That is because, after all, people are not perfect, and life can be messy—so human employees are prone to showing up late, experiencing fatigue in the face of extreme weather conditions, or misbehaving on the job.

But don’t you fear, because the perfect employee does exist, he isn’t a myth, he is right here at Velocity Signs!

Velocity Signs Reviews The

  • This employee will never call in sick, show up late, or ask for time off! Because this stylish and functional worker is animatronic, you cannot possibly hurt his feelings—or face a lawsuit—when you deny them a 15-minute break!
  • This employee would never dress inappropriately for work because, well, you can dress him. Whether you squeeze him into a suit, dress him up in a t-shirt emblazoned with your company logo, or dress him up in a Halloween costume—this worker will be thrilled to change his outfit 5 times a day, and won’t take forever in the bathroom getting ready!
  • Worried about providing healthcare, or workman’s compensation to an injured employee? This worker is never ill and cannot get injured on the job. In fact, he is so durable and effective that he can run for 24 hours a day, seven days a week—with out any Red Bulls, coffee drinks, or restroom breaks that are a result of consuming those beverages. How is this possible, you ask? This guy is just a sign waving machine literally! Unlike your average human, he boasts a high-tech built in re-chargeable battery—just plug him in overnight and he’s energized and ready to work all day!
  • The morning weather report shows signs of sleet and snow at sunrise with an unexplainable shift towards triple-digit heat in the afternoon? While that is unreasonable and terrifying—this employee wouldn’t bat an eyelash. He won’t become exhausted in the summer heat, downtrodden during rain and snow, or ditch his shift when temperatures drop below the freezing point. Velocity Signs Reviews The
  • The conversation a manager, or business owner, has with his or her employees about pay increases and bonuses can be quite awkward. This worker will never request a raise, demand a holiday handout, or go on strike! You will only ever have to pay between $1,899 and $2,849, and he will work diligently his entire life. So the money you save can be allocated to other areas of your business, or even to hiring an employee for purposes other than sign spinning!
  • Is your employee constantly texting or chatting with his friends during work hours? A sign doesn’t twirl itself, people!? (Well, ours does!) Hire a sign twirler that remains focused, diligent, and loyal! This life-long member of your team will not apply to college part time in the fall, move to another city on short notice, or quit to work for a competitor.

While these qualities are difficult, if not impossible, to find in human sign spinner they are a standard of the Velocity Signs Sign Waving Mannequin. By hiring this “perfect employee” you can guarantee a rapid return on investment because these spinning signs have shown to increase sales by at least 15%! So if you’re tired of trying to re-hire a new employee every 6 months, or overpaying for a service that can be supplied for a much more affordable price, consider Velocity Signs!

10 Common Marketing Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Marketing is an essential base for any business trying to make a profit. Like any foundation without a solid platform, your marketing campaign can crumble at the touch if implemented in a poor manner. Below you will find ten common marketing mistakes and tips on how your company can avoid them. Don’t fall prey to the same blunders many have made in the past and learn from the history that has provided us with a wonderful outline of what not to do.

Mistake 10 | No Plan

First things first; when implementing an idea without a strategy, your company is wasting valuable time and money on a campaign with no outlined purpose. Many businesses make the mistake of throwing too many ideas out and believing that it will be enough to get the ball rolling. Although a brilliant idea is an important component of a campaign, it will be less than magnificent if left up to chance to succeed. Don’t bet a great concept on the notion that it will all come together in the end – set a direct plan to create a campaign that is cohesive and unstoppable.

Take Action: Plan a brainstorming session with all of the key players in your organization. Once a plan is decided on, nominate one person to finalize and distribute the plan so that no one is left wondering about the strategy.

Mistake 9 | Inconsistent Messages

Often times the idea flow at a brainstorming meeting is non-stop. Even though the room is filled with many proposals that are sure to do well, it is important that you narrow your message down to one. By picking a focus and sticking with it, you allow customers to see a fluid campaign evolve instead of confusing them by constantly changing views. If there are too many great ideas and you’re struggling to let them go, set your favorites aside for the next campaign and let your chosen emphasis blossom to its full potential.

Take Action: Make sure to consistently use the same colors, fonts, images, and message to create a cohesive marketing campaign. 10 Common Marketing Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Mistake 8 | Not Narrowing Your Target Audience

It is the goal of every company to gain as much business as it can, but marketing to an audience that is too varied can do more harm than good. Don’t try to catch everyone’s attention with your marketing campaign but instead, connect with those who will help your business to succeed. By focusing your efforts on the people who will benefit from your product or service the most, you skip over the people who wouldn’t bat an eyelid at your ad – increasing your profits in the end.

Take Action: Specify an exact target market and research their lifestyles so that you may aim your strategy at their exact needs.

Mistake 7 | Only Considering Your Own Point of View

Another difficult concept for many marketers to grasp is the fact that it isn’t their opinions that matter, but the opinions of their consumers instead. Don’t get caught up arguing about which co-worker’s idea is better, and, instead, let the public decide. By bringing in samples of your audience or creating a contest to decide the direction of your efforts, you put the power back where it belongs – in the customer’s hands.

Take Action: Encourage employees and customers to provide feedback in order to create well-balanced marketing strategies.

Mistake 6 | Forgetting To Learn From Your Past

Marketers often forget about campaigns they have used in the past, but these previous efforts can act as a crucial tool for future endeavors. Use these experiences to your advantage by considering customer feedback and by analyzing your prior performance reports and returns on investment. This research is meant solely for you to see what is and isn’t working so you can change and adapt your efforts to the customer’s wants and needs. Learn from your past by taking the time to study previous labors so that you can wow your audience in the future.

10 Common Marketing Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Take Action: Qualitatively and quantitatively track the results from your marketing efforts. Always ask your customers questions like “how did you hear about us” and keep track of answers in your customer relationship management (CRM) system or on an excel spreadsheet.

Mistake 5 | Focusing Too Much On Research And Logic

With the last point being said, it is also important not to rely too much on researched marketing techniques and statistics. Often times, the buying habits of your customers do not need to be rationalized, because people buy out of impulse and emotion rather than logic and reasoning. What people think is funny now could differ in the future as more and more humorous shows and ads are created. It is important that you move forward with a campaign that takes past efforts into consideration but is innovative enough to reach customers on an emotional level.

Take Action: Focus on the emotions you want your marketing campaign to convey and then come up with an out of the box idea that will create the desired outcome.

Mistake 4 | Lack Of A Good Customer Value Proposition

Creating a value proposition that lacks what customers truly want can be just as detrimental as creating a proposition that includes too much and confuses the audience. A good proposition effectively tells the consumer the value they will gain from the product when investing their money. Be concise and clear in your statement while telling the customers what they need to know– they will appreciate the directness and be able to make an easier purchasing decision.

Take Action: Decide what it is that you want to highlight most about your product and create a succinct statement that provides the customer with the reasons why they should want what you’re selling.

Mistake 3 | Over-Selling Your Product

While it is important to let the customer know what it is about your product that makes it so great, over selling your goods can be down right irritating. Instead of making your campaigns all about you, make sure to include helpful resources for your customers’ benefit to show that you truly do care about their well-being. Include helpful tips about an industry topic on your website or blog and use social media networks to promote ideas and items that you know your audience will love. Your product is important so make sure to gain your customers’ trust so they know they can believe in what you’re selling.

Take Action: Continuously conduct research on the new happenings in your industry and provide customers with advice on topics that surround or directly apply to your field.

Mistake 2| Being Stingy About The Budget

Everyone is looking to save money, but starving your budget is not the way to do it. Although it may be good for your pocketbook now, not investing enough in your marketing campaign can cost you customers in the future. Consumers want to see something that is creative and well executed and a competitor who invests in showcasing their product will out shine you if you don’t stand up to the plate. Don’t be stingy – it will pay out in the end.

Take Action: Think of your ideal marketing campaign before setting a budget. Although you may not be able to afford the whole picture perfect scenario, you will be less likely to cut corners since you have a clear expectation of the campaign you want to launch.

10 Common Marketing Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Mistake 1 | Not Taking Chances

Lastly, make sure you take a chance. Differentiation is a key aspect to successful marketing and thinking outside the box with your campaign is a risk that can yield a high reward. Many marketers make the mistake of playing it safe and get swept under the rug by the ads everyone is talking about. Think of an out of a creative idea and stick with it. Customers value imagination and originality so redefine your limits and go with something that screams excitement instead of safety.

Take Action: Take a chance and set your company apart from its competitors.

History doesn’t always have to repeat itself so use these tips to your advantage and avoid some of the missteps that companies have made in the past. Create a campaign you can be proud of and chances are your customers will notice.

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Velocity Signs vs. Human Sign Spinners

At some point in our lives, we have all seen a sign spinner. Whether they are dancing away or sitting in the shade, these human sign twirlers have become a staple component in our everyday routines. Why? They increase sales for local businesses. If you pay close enough attention, you may be able to see the sweat forming on their brow or the physical boredom they exude in regards to their solitary position. You may begin to wonder – What use is a sign spinner who is unenthusiastic? If you want traffic directed to your business and increased sales, Velocity Signs “The Original Sign Waving Machines” are in order.

Cost Analysis

It is natural to think that investing money in a battery operated machine is too expensive for a small business owner; however, this idea couldn’t be further from the truth. In order to gain adequate amount of publicity for your company, you should expect to hire a sign spinner during rush hour times in the least. It is likely that you will need to hire two spinners (one for three hours in the morning and one for three hours in the afternoon) to accommodate traffic. By putting these people in a high-risk environment (the middle of traffic), it is expected you will pay between $10-$15/hour. Taking the median of this range, we can estimate you will spend $75/day, $375/week, and $1,500/month on wages alone. As you can see, it adds up. Now looking at Velocity Signs, you will get a full day’s coverage, every day, all year round, for as low as $2,000 up front or $55/monthly payments. In other words, you can get better coverage for as long as you’d like, for less than you’d pay for six weeks of human service. What technique is truly more cost effective? – You be the judge.

Workers Compensation

Velocity Signs vs. Human Sign Spinners

Workers compensation is one of the major pros of Velocity Signs in that you will never need it. As mentioned before, sign spinners take risks when gaining driver awareness in the middle of traffic and issues of workers compensation will arise. Remove your worries of guilt and money by putting a Velocity Sign in this situation, instead.


Putting cost aside, it requires a lot of time and energy to oversee employees. Not only does a supervisor need to recruit, interview, and hire workers, he/she needs to take the time out of their busy schedule to train a new hire (on company dime) and show them what it is exactly that the company expects them to do. After this initial interaction, management still needs to be active in answering any questions or concerns the employee may have and in following the necessary protocol when an employee calls in sick, or simply doesn’t show. This process alone is wearing to a small business owner who is already lacking time and resources. With Velocity Signs, you never have to go through the formalities of training and can swap the energy used for worrying about employee integrity to worrying about more important issues. Velocity Signs will manage its end of your marketing campaign, leaving time enough to address the other portions of your ever-growing plate.

Brand Credibility

Whether you are the owner of a small business or a franchise owner of a larger company – brand credibility is key. When a sign holder is seen on the side of the street sitting down, texting, socializing, or acting inappropriately it poorly reflects on the company’s image. Instead of constantly worrying if your money is being put to good use, Velocity Signs allows you the peace of Velocity Signs vs. Human Sign Spinners mind of knowing that your message is being portrayed exactly the way you want. Velocity Signs look professional and they have experienced designers that will design your signs for free. You can rest assured that your brand logo is being portrayed professionally, while still gaining the desired amount of attention.

Attention and Visibility

The main purpose of a street sign is to catch the attention of drivers and direct them to your place of business. Although human sign spinners are great at gaining awareness, they often times have to stop their twirling out of physical exhaustion or their backs are faced towards oncoming traffic and people can’t see your message. When it begins to get dark earlier in the day and when bad weather skews vision, it can be difficult to impossible to see the efforts these sign spinners are making. With Velocity Signs, you can be comforted with the fact that your signs are moving (at an easy to read pace) the whole duration of your workday. Breaks in movement are a thing of the past, and with bright LED lights illuminating your company image your sign is visible through the rain and throughout the night. With a logo/message on both sides, Velocity Signs have the power to be seen from the front or back eliminating the need to circle back around to see a human sign spinner. Velocity Signs maintain the driver’s attention equal to or better than a human sign spinner and create better visibility for your company.

Velocity Signs vs Human Sign Spinners

Although it is easy to get caught up in the stress of purchasing a new machine, Velocity Signs are worth the investment. When compared head to head with human sign spinners, there is no contest. Velocity Signs will save you time, money, and energy while effectively raising awareness of your business. For franchise and small business owners alike, Velocity Signs can mean the difference between sink and swim.

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You’re driving home from a long day at work, you’re mind is unwinding, and you fail to notice the hundreds of building signs, flags, A-frames, radio messages, outdoor billboards, or other advertising that you’ve become numb to from seeing every day. Your eyes can’t help but to notice an attractive woman waving a sign around in the rain. You ask yourself, what is that poor attractive woman doing waving a sign around in the middle of winter”. WAIT…as you get closer and closer, you soon realize that she’s not real! It’s a mannequin sign waving machine that looks exactly like a human with a $5 footlong special at Subway. Impressed by the creativity and the need to satisfy your hunger, you decide to stop in to Subway to find out more about this cool invention and to get your favorite sandwich, the meatball marinara. After all…you are hungry from a long day at work!

Your conversation with the employee making your meatball marinara is not about the kind of bread you want…it’s where did you get that cool sign waving machine? You know a few of your friends that own businesses that would love one of these to help draw attention to their business and help increase sales. He tells you that their franchise owner purchased the machine from Velocity Signs “The Original Sign Waving Machine”. Interested for your friends business, you start firing off questions…

You: “How long does the machine run?”

Subway Employee: “It’s battery operated. It lasts for 2-3 days, then we plug it in and let it charge for 6 hours overnight. Once it’s done charging, it maintains the battery so we don’t have to worry about it. When we get back into the restaurant in the morning, it’s ready to go.”

You: “How do you get it in and out every night? Is it heavy?”

Subway Employee: “It’s heavy duty, but it sits on two dolly wheels and has a handle at the top making it extremely easy to move inside and outside. All we have to do is tilt it back and wheel it in and out just like you would a dolly.”

You: “Aren’t you afraid someone will steal it?”

Subway Employee: “The machine came with a 15′ cable and lock. All we have to do is wrap the cable around something secure and it’s safe. Not to mention, who wants to mess with a moving sign?”

You: “Obviously the machine works in the rain. What about snow, wind, or extreme heat?”

Subway Employee: “The machine is built similar to a car or boat. It runs on a 12 volt deep cycle marine battery and was designed to operate in extreme weather conditions…rain, snow, heat, and in the wind. Her clothes get wet, but dry when we get back into the restaurant in the morning.”

You: “Good point! Are other people coming in and asking where you got the machine?”

Subway Employee: “Yes! All the time. The market was down and this is traditionally a slow month for us, but our boss told us that his sales have been up by 10% this month since we started using the machine.”

You: “WOW! That’s a substantial increase in sales. Are the signs easy to make/change?

Subway Employee: “The signs are attached with Velcro, so it’s really easy to take them on/off the machine. If it’s windy, we add bolts with wing nuts to the signs. Also, We have two different signs with two different special offers that we rotate every week.”

You: “Did you have a human sign spinner before you purchased the machine?”

Subway Employee: “Yes, they were a lot more expensive and we had a lot of problems. They would show up late, call in sick, quit after their first day, and some of them got hurt on the job. We spent a lot of time recruiting, hiring, and training. Velocity Signs are more cost effective and more efficient than human sign spinners.”

You: “I’m convinced and going to tell my friends who own their own business about Velocity Signs! Thank you for all of the valuable information.”

Subway Employee: “No problem! Now let’s get that meatball marinara made for you!”


Velocity Signs are battery operated, portable, and durable sign waving machines that small businesses use to draw attention to their brand, special offers, events, product launches, and more. Velocity Signs increase sales by an average 15% and are a great alternative to human sign spinners. They save businesses money and the hastle of recruiting, hiring, training, workers compensation, and other work related issues. Our clients include: Chevrolet, Ford, Nissan, Subway, Anytime Fitness, Good Feet, Little Caesars, Freeway Insurance, Econo Lube N’ Tune & Brakes, Video & Audio Center, Stonebrook Apartments, and many more!

Velocity Signs are interchangeable. Businesses can add LED lights, a mannequin, and/or solar panels to any of our machines! Be even more creative by dressing up your mannequin in a uniform, mascot, costume, or put a familiar face on your signs. Velocity Signs are “The Original Sign Waving Machines” with custom designed motors and come with a 1 year warranty.

Visit or call (260) 20-SIGNS (74467) for more information.

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1-Year Limited Warranty

All Velocity Signs machines come with a 1-year manufacturer’s limited warranty against defects in materials or workmanship of all parts (motor, arms/bearings, batteries, chargers, switches, fuse, wheels, and boxing units) under normal wear and tear. Our batteries come with a 1-year limited manufacturers warranty and our chargers come with a 5-year limited manufacturers warranty under normal wear and tear (see "Return Policy" for details).

30-Day Money Back Guarantee

If you're not happy with your Velocity Signs for any reason, return your Velocity Signs within 30 days and we'll refund you for the total amount you spent with us minus $500-premium model machines and $250-standard model machines (signs, shipping, and tax not included). We're that confident you will be happy with your Velocity Signs and will see a return on your investment within 30 days!

Made In the USA!

Our machines are made right here in the USA! By spending money with local businesses that are using Velocity Signs, you will be helping your local economy grow in tough economic conditions!